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  • Anime News Network - Getbackers (TV)
      • Lots of statistic stuff, if you want to find out nitty gritty details such as exactly when each dvd is released, who was the seiyuu of Ban, etc, definitely go visit.
      • hehe, as much as I wish to say is's brother site, it's actually build by a complete different group of people. is just a plain fansite where is the OFFICIAL site for GetBackers in JAPAN! If you can read Japanese, definitely go visit them!
  • Official ADV Getbackers Website
      • The official site by the company who licensed Getbackers in the US. They have some background info on the series but I believe the site is still largely under construction when I visited, lots of other cool stuff should be uploaded soon as they continue to work on translating the series.
  • Shonen Magazine's Official GetBackers Homepage
      • A very stylish ALL JAPANESE site on GetBackers. It's built differently but contains various useful and interesting categories, I would give it a visit just to check out the pictures.
  • Studio DEEN's Official GetBackers Homepage
      • Another all Japanese text site on Getbackers. It has some basic info, not a fancy design but quite easy to read.
  • TBS' Official Getbackers Website
      • Full Japanese Text! Has all the dvd covers and information.
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