Get Backers Episode Screencaps

Episode Title Screencap Ready
1The Initials are G & BYes
2Get Back the Rusted Bonds!Yes
3Operation: Recover the Platinum!Yes
4Recovery Service vs. Transport ServiceYes
5Death Match at Sunrise: The Lightning Emperor vs. Doctor JackalYes
6Get Back God's Melody!Yes
7Beast Master's TransformationYes
8Resound, Sound LifeYes
9Get Back the Illusive Sunflower! (Part 1)In Production
10Get Back the Illusive Sunflower! (Part 2)In Production
11Infiltration, Infinite Castle and IL Retrieval MissionIn Production
12Unknown Boy, MakubexIn Production
13Explosion! Fuuchouin String StyleIn Production
14The New Four KingsIn Production
15The Rouran Dancing Whip that Dances in the DarknessIn Production
16Explosion! The Thunder Emperor's RageIn Production
17Gathering, Retrieval Team!In Production
18Collision! Shido vs. EmishiIn Production
19Friend? Kazuki vs. JuubeiIn Production
20The Man Who Comes from Babylon CityIn Production
21Sword of Revenge and Ban vs. FudouIn Production
22Awakening! Thunder Emperor DescendsIn Production
23Attack! Virtual ArmyIn Production
24Final Battle! Ginji vs. MakubexIn Production
25Get Back the Infinite Future!In Production
26Hot Spring Trip to Retrieve Steam!?In Production
27High School Girl vs. RetrieversIn Production
28The Man Who Lost His PastIn Production
29Get Back the Arms of the Goddess!In Production
30Enigmatic Assassins and Miroku BrothersIn Production
31Hella and KiteIn Production
32Mission Start! Ginji vs. MirokuIn Production
33Get Back the Immortal Goddess!In Production
34GetBackers Break Up!? The Enemy is Ban MidoIn Production
35Get Back the Flame of Life!In Production
36Children of FateIn Production
37Do Your Best, Natsumi!In Production
38Recital Just for YouIn Production
39Ginji's Hospitalized? To the Hospital! The Whole Crew GathersIn Production
40The Monkey's Counterattack!In Production
41Farewell, My BelovedIn Production
42Atonement for BetrayalIn Production
43The Man Returns Home... Infinite Castle, Once AgainYes
44The Last of the Four KingsYes
45The Demon of Revenge, Fudou, DiesYes
46Brain TrustIn Production
47Bust Into Beltline! Ginji vs. MasakiIn Production
48Fated Confrontation and Ban vs. AkabaneYes
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