G'blorgen - Posted by Ktrsvagagnjagen on 2006-01-09
If you ever want to see your precious Ban-chan again, wire $3,000,000 to my Swiss bank account, #6734563567. FWAHAHAA!!!! ^^;;
Public Announcement. - Posted by ~Vixen~ on 2005-10-06
Lots of summaries are not to the point. Please try and keep them precise, try to put them in smaller paragraphs or pointwise too. I feel bad about rejecting some of the entries, but many of them were kinda pathetic, with regards to grammar, punctuation, sentence construction and links in general. Now, the story line. Maintain an order. Avoid this type of posting:: eg. Ban goes to the hospital because he broke his leg. Ban broke his leg tripping over a stray cat and went to the hopital. That's all for now, I added some E.S, mail me at or (MSN) for more queries. Au Revoir:)
Website Announcement - Posted by Ya-Chan on 0000-00-00
Hey, all, this is your future website admin for This is just a holler out to all ya crazy fans, don't wait there in your seat, com'on into the forum to pitch in on this website work!

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